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My artwork is a narrative of the lived experiences of black people and the black diaspora from past to present. I work from candid moments and real life scenes to stay true to the essence of who I’m painting while granting them a new spiritual reality.  I aim through my work to debunk stereotypes that continue to persist and affect the livelihood of black people as a social group, particularly in America. Often times my artwork addresses pertinent issues surrounding blackness with great bitterness and other times I address them with sweet celebration of the beauty, uniqueness, and resilience of the black people, sometimes the work addresses both giving light to the many complexities of the black experience.

We're Happy and We're Singin and We're Colored.jpg
Let My Power Wedge Into Your Lives.jpg
Black art, black woman art, animal print, home decor, pink
Detangling Roots to Find My Rice.jpg
Grandmother's Love.jpg

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